Totoro Family Recipes: Infused Water

Totoro Family RecipeOk… this isn’t really a recipe.

And it’s not really a Totoro tradition.

But… I have never been fond of water. I know the health benefits of drinking water; I know the need to keep hydrated. But I just don’t like the taste.

Pinterest is filled with infused water recipes that pair fruits with herbs for detoxing our bodies. My body can use a bit of cleansing, and I love the beautiful colors of these bountiful pitchers, but the herbs were too strong for my enjoyment.

As a last ditch effort I tried an experiment – and it worked!

I cut up some fresh strawberries, but found the taste of the water weak. So I wondered if I could enhance the flavor with a bit of Strawberry balsamic vinegar.

OH. MY. It is delicious! Not too sweet, not too tart, simply perfect.

I use about one tablespoon (more or less) to 32 ounces. Typically I prepare the pitcher with fruit and vinegar at night to allow the flavors to meld.

I have yet to drink 32 ounces in a single day, but that is the goal. And with summer weather coming, I don’t think that will be a problem.

I plan to return to the Tasteful Olive soon and try other fruit/vinegar pairings. For example, I think Blueberries with Blackberry vinegar; Navel Orange with Blood Orange vinegar; Limes with Sicilian Lemon Vinegar; or Lemons with Pineapple Vinegar.

The possibilities are nearly limitless!

And as an added benefit, these vinegars could be paired with a good olive oil for a fruity salad dressing – perfect for summer!

infused water-1

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21 thoughts on “Totoro Family Recipes: Infused Water

  1. I too hate water (I know that sounds weird but it’s true). I often make decaf iced tea to substitute, but I like the idea of incorporating fruit flavors. I’ll have to try this balsamic vinegar version.


  2. Interesting idea. It certainly sounds good and I’m willing to try it, but I’d probably try a peach combination. However, I don’t have to flavor my water to appreciate it. I worked hard on the farm as a kid. Those sizzling summer days made me hurry to the well for a long drink of our ice cold water. And I drink plenty of water most of the time now. However, no water has ever tasted as good as that well water did after a hard day sweating in the fields.


  3. Fun way to drink more water! I tried mint and lemon for awhile. Now, we got a filter on the tap and I can get myself to drink that without adding flavors.


  4. I don’t mind the taste of plain water at all — adding fruit and vinegar might make a nice change. Thanks for sharing this idea. 🙂


  5. Another excuse to buy specialty vinegars! I just used the last of my pomegranate vinegar, and need to look for more of that, so I’ll look for strawberry vinegar, too. I love water, though, and used to worry my mother (who doesn’t like to drink water) with how much water I drank daily growing up! Now I probably need to drink more than I do, so I vary plain water with flavored seltzer water.


      • Mostly in salad dressings and marinades, I guess, nothing exciting! I make a lot of salads, including a lot of rice salads in the spring and summer. Sometimes I just sub in a specialty vinegar for half or all of whatever plain vinegar is called for. I did once do a Weekend Cooking post on balsamic vinegar reduction (heard about on The Splendid Table) so I expect that technique would work with other vinegars too.)


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