Why a new blog?

I originally started blogging in 2009 as a book reviewer on My Cozy Book Nook. I loved the small community of bibliophiles and relished the informal conversations surrounding my favorite pastime.

cropped-tessa-1.jpgAt the time I was teaching anywhere from 6-8 different English classes at a small private school here in the Kansas City area. My entire life centered around grammar, literature, and writing. A book review blog seemed the natural fit.

In the subsequent seven years, however, I experienced several life transformations. Mom passed away, leaving me the matriarch of the family – My children grew up, moved out, and started families of their own – and I retired from teaching full-time (although I’m learning teachers never really retire).

I quickly transitioned from the sandwich generation (taking care of children and parents) to the empty nest (taking care of no one but myself), and I struggled to define my new role in life. What was my purpose now that no one depended on me?

Through prayer, journaling, and a bit of counseling, I have come to realize these are the best days of my life. I have time, energy, and a bit of money to pursue personal interests that lay dormant for decades. I discovered a new passion for writing and a love of photography. While reading is still a favorite hobby, My Cozy Book Nook was becoming a little crowded.

tessa-3So I decided to begin a new blog to coincide with this new chapter in life.

In this space I will share how I am learning the art of revision. I am a writer, and I like the idea of reviewing the rough draft life before fifty and making necessary adjustments to improve life after fifty. Revision isn’t starting over; it is taking what we have and making it better.

In literature autumn is the sign of old age; it is the foreshadowing of death. A bit depressing, yes?

But in life fall is my favorite time of year. The vibrant colors and crisp cool temperatures bring joyful change to an otherwise dry barren landscape. Traditional celebrations are in full swing as we visit the pumpkin patch, bake family favorites, gather around the Thanksgiving table, and prepare for Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year.

It is my desire this blog will reflect the bounty of blessings we can all experience during this season of life.


4 thoughts on “Why a new blog?

  1. Love the first post and can’t wait to read more. I can relate to what you said and appreciate that you make it sound so fun and refreshing. The statement “revision isn’t starting over; it is taking what we have and making it better” really stuck out to me and I will ponder that further. So excited for this new blog journey, for you and for me😊.


  2. I often wish there were more books on negotiating life after retirement. I was still working full time from 50-60 years old, and so that part of life felt like an extension of what had gone on before. Hence, “life after 50” doesn’t mean much to me, but “life after 60” does. How to spend my time in retirement, which is truly different from anything I had experienced before, is an intriguing question.

    Looking forward to many more posts.


  3. I have often wished there were more blogs about “life after 50,” and so I am greatly anticipating what you have to say about it!


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