How to Journal: Recording Memories

journal and penSomething happened when I turned fifty. I realized I have lived more life than I have left, which creates an urgency to capture those memories before my failing mind loses them completely.

But how do we do that? How do we sift through all the experiences and select ones with meaning to share with our loved ones? Where do we even begin?

Sometimes all it takes is a visit to a local Flea Market. I am always surprised to find momentos of my childhood selling as antiques(?!) But those trinkets begin an avalanche of memories that I can tap into. Keep a notebook handy and write down any ideas that come to mind.

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How to Journal: Passions and Desires

journal and penI believe everyone has a heart’s desire – a passion in life – something that grabs our attention with such gusto that it keeps us awake at night. Some of us, however, may find our passions hibernating, or perhaps lying dormant for so long we fear they are in an irreversible coma.

It is vital to reconnect with those passions in life and discover ways to pursue them throughout adulthood. I believe these passions, especially those we’ve enjoyed for years, are God-given. And I believe God would not give us true desires if He did not also equip us to bring them to fruition.

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How to Journal: Personality and Character

journal and penLast week we reviewed key life experiences that led us to this present day. Today we will take stock of our personality type and character traits that make us unique.

I believe that God not only gives us a purpose in life, but He fully equips us with the skills and talents to meet that purpose.

In return, I am to cultivate and develop those skills to become the best me I can be. Not to become the best…. just to become the best ME.

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How to Journal: Stepping Stones

journal and penSo far this journaling series has focused on Spiritual Journaling and Emotional Journaling. The next few weeks we are going to focus on Legacy Journaling.

I am passionate about writing our stories for future generations. The good, the bad, and all the times in between. I believe we should document our core values, our beliefs, our temperaments, our experiences and then show how they all weave together to create the tapestry of life.

Today we will focus on journaling life experiences.

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