How to Journal: Core Values and Beliefs

journal and penThe first step to leaving a legacy is to know WHO you are:

  • What brought you to this place?
  • What are your core values?
  • Who are you (personality traits)?
  • What are your talents and passions?
  • What are your personal truths?
  • What do you want to believe?

Last week we reviewed what brought you to this place: your personal stepping stones in life.

This week we will review core values. We all have them and they are at the center of our identity.

Sometimes they can be summed up in a catchy phrase, such as Moderation in Everything or Love Conquers All. Other times they can be found in a character trait, such as being Responsible or Organized.

There are several lists available online to help you identify such values – a rather comprehensive list can be found here.

My first step was to read through the printed list with a highlighter, indicating any words that resonated with me on some level. This probably narrowed the number of values to around 50.

Next, I reviewed the refined list and eliminated any that I thought were not truly at the core of my identity. This reduced the list by one-half.

Then I reviewed the remaining values and combined those that I thought were similar, such as responsibility and accountability. This brought the list down to ten.

Finally, I made one final run-through to bring the list to a manageable total of FIVE core values.

The goal is to incorporate these personal values and beliefs into every day living. This kind of authentic living is a powerful witness and the beginning of leaving a legacy. However, don’t forget to journal WHY these values and beliefs are important.



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