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Coloring: Lessons Learned

mandala-1I thought I would take a break this week from Journaling and discuss another favorite pastime: Coloring.

These days Coloring Books for Adults are available in nearly every store (I dare not say Adult Coloring books for obvious reasons). While I would never call myself a trend-setter, I will admit to coloring LONG before it became the national obsession.

In college I would de-stress during finals week by purchasing a Christmas coloring book and a pack of 24 crayons. Perhaps it was the nostalgic images of Santa, Christmas stockings, and decorated trees that relaxed me. Or perhaps it was the vibrant colors that awakened my senses after reading pages upon pages of black and white text. Or perhaps it was the kinesthetic movement of coloring that relaxed my mind, body, and cramped hands. Whatever the reason, it worked. After a few minutes of coloring I was ready to tackle the books again.

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