How to Journal: Passions and Desires

journal and penI believe everyone has a heart’s desire – a passion in life – something that grabs our attention with such gusto that it keeps us awake at night. Some of us, however, may find our passions hibernating, or perhaps lying dormant for so long we fear they are in an irreversible coma.

It is vital to reconnect with those passions in life and discover ways to pursue them throughout adulthood. I believe these passions, especially those we’ve enjoyed for years, are God-given. And I believe God would not give us true desires if He did not also equip us to bring them to fruition.

Psalm 37:4 – Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

To begin this phase of self-discovery, brainstorm a variety of interests, hobbies, and pastimes you have pursued over the years. When I did this, I discovered those interests could be organized into three categories: a close-knit family, international travel, and life-long learning.

But as I further analyzed these desires, I discovered I could summarize my life’s passion as:

  • Create lasting memories as often as possible, and preserve those memories for future generations.

For me, these memories include the significant milestones in life, like graduations, weddings, and births – but most often come in the form of family vacations.

I have always traveled with a camera in hand, and I believe this visual documentation helps me relive these joyous moments year after year. I also believe writing the stories behind the photographs, and communicating the lessons learned, are beneficial to the present as well as future generations.

Memories, however, do not have to be extraordinary to be worthy of documentation. Often the most poignant are made in every day living. And it is equally important to write down these stories so our children’s children will know and understand our traditions, values, and beliefs.

We are called to leave a legacy, and I am dedicated to that call by journaling as a way of documenting family history.

Proverbs 13:22a – A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.

3 thoughts on “How to Journal: Passions and Desires

  1. You make some great points in this post. If the Israelites during the time of the Judges had continued to tell the miracles (their legacy from God) to their children (as they were supposed to do), their children might have followed Him more closely. Perhaps their history would have been different if they had done so.


    • I think the Lord tells us several times to write it down and pass it down. I think He means the good and the bad, to show His faithfulness in ALL circumstances 🙂


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