Spiritual Journaling Practices (Christian)

bible journalWhile the Wellness Wheel and the Spiritual Compass provide excellent journaling prompts, there are several other Spiritual Journaling techniques I have found useful. Some of these methods have a specific Christian focus (this week’s post), while others are a bit more generic (next week’s topic). Hopefully these ideas will help you in your journaling practice.

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How to Journal: the Wellness Wheel

After a brief hiatus (partly planned and partly unexpected)… I am ready to return to the How to Journal series. These next few weeks we will focus on Spiritual Journaling with today’s emphasis on The Wellness Wheel.

The Wellness WheelYou can find many adaptations of the wellness wheel online, but this is one I created to represent my interpretation of wholeness.

The large outer circle represents our Spiritual wellness, which by definition includes all the other significant areas of life: Emotional, Physical, Vocational, Intellectual and Social.

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2016 Word of the Year

funI’ve been absent for a couple of weeks – in part due to holiday preparations and celebrations, but also in part to honor the need for self-discovery.

Since mid-December I’ve spent quite a bit of time mulling over my 2016 word and working through Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead. Today I thought I might share how I happened upon the word FUN.

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Coloring: Lessons Learned

mandala-1I thought I would take a break this week from Journaling and discuss another favorite pastime: Coloring.

These days Coloring Books for Adults are available in nearly every store (I dare not say Adult Coloring books for obvious reasons). While I would never call myself a trend-setter, I will admit to coloring LONG before it became the national obsession.

In college I would de-stress during finals week by purchasing a Christmas coloring book and a pack of 24 crayons. Perhaps it was the nostalgic images of Santa, Christmas stockings, and decorated trees that relaxed me. Or perhaps it was the vibrant colors that awakened my senses after reading pages upon pages of black and white text. Or perhaps it was the kinesthetic movement of coloring that relaxed my mind, body, and cramped hands. Whatever the reason, it worked. After a few minutes of coloring I was ready to tackle the books again.

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